At Morningside Audiology, we offer a range of quality hearing healthcare services. From comprehensive testing to hearing aid support, and access to custom hearing protection; our services focus on comprehensive hearing healthcare. Our team is invested in providing individualized and expert-informed care that transforms your hearing health and wellness. We utilize the latest hearing technologies to diagnose, treat, and support your hearing needs. Our suite of services includes the following:


Hearing Tests

Diagnosing hearing loss starts with thoroughly evaluating your hearing health. There are a few types of hearing tests we use to accurately identify your hearing needs. This includes pure tone and speech audiometry testing which are among the most common hearing evaluations. These tests involve playing speech as well as tones at different frequencies and asking you to indicate what you can hear. Hearing tests involve a painless and noninvasive process that measures hearing capacities in both ears. This reveals any hearing loss and the degree of impairment that one could be experiencing. Our audiologist has extensive experience facilitating hearing evaluations and establishing individual hearing needs. This allows her to understand your hearing health and develop a tailored treatment to meet your needs.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are highly durable devices that are made to last. But it is not uncommon to need professional repairs over time. These devices are worn every day and so naturally, they can be impacted by daily wear and tear. Hearing aids can be affected by exposure to substances like earwax and moisture and specific components may need repair work. If you notice that your device is not working optimally - you experience feedback noise, sounds are muffled, your device randomly powers off, etc. - be sure to bring your hearing aids in. We offer in-house repair services so that you can conveniently have your device looked at and fixed. This starts with assessing your hearing aid and if we determine that the repair work needed is more serious, we will send your device to the manufacturer and provide you with a temporary replacement.

Custom Hearing Protection

Noise exposure is a common cause of hearing loss. Excessive noise exposure can also exacerbate existing hearing loss symptoms. One of the best ways you can mitigate the potential impact of loud noise is by wearing custom hearing protection. Our practice offers quality-made custom hearing protection that is tailored to the shape of your ear. This provides a comfortable fit and maximum protection. Custom hearing protection options include earplugs which offer a barrier for the ears, reducing the volume of noise. This allows people to navigate noisier environments and activities without compromising hearing health.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are hearing technologies that are designed to amplify sound. Many ALDs are compatible with hearing aids which offer comprehensive support in both public and private spaces. ALDs are designed to enhance hearing in a range of environments including public settings. Common types of ALDs include hearing loop systems which funnel sound directly to hearing aids in places like banks, airports, and auditoriums. ALDs support people navigating public spaces with greater awareness, safety, and comfort. Our team can discuss ALD options that would be beneficial in your everyday life.

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Hearing aid fittingsHearing aid fittings

Hearing Aid Fittings and Consults

Hearing aids are the most common treatment for hearing loss. With the results from your hearing test, we will assess if hearing aids are the best course of treatment for you. We work with the world’s leading hearing aid brands and can identify devices that can optimally meet your hearing needs. Our experts take the time to discuss your options with you and help you identify a device that meets your hearing and lifestyle needs. During your hearing aid fitting appointment, we program your hearing aids with precise settings that process speech as well as sound in specific ways that support your hearing.

Additionally, during your hearing aid fitting, we will teach you everything you need to know about operating, maintaining, and maximizing your hearing aids. This includes showing you how to clean, insert/remove, and manage settings. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation about your hearing needs and your new device.